Grease Pencil Color Mapper

Two years ago, we launched the color picker to help 2D artists in their colorization task in Blender. This tool addressed the issue of dealing with a model containing a large palette of colors (represented as grease pencil materials). Subsequently, we worked on the topic of exploring color palettes. Whether it is to find just the right palette for a character, offer alternatives, or have different sets of colors depending on the light environment, exploring palette colors in 2D can be tedious if the palette is large and contains many nuances.

Example of color script that changes the light environment on our character Billie. Credit : Gaelle Diot.

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This article exists in French / Cet article existe en français.

3D Triangulation of a Grease Pencil drawing

We, at Les Fées Spéciales, love the Blender Grease Pencil. Not only it allows you to draw and animate in 2D, but it also allows you to do it in 3D directly in the Blender scene.
Why not use it to sketch 3D surfaces, then ? With a few strokes, we would be able to populate a 3D animation with FX elements, for example. In this scope, we implemented an algorithm to triangulate grease pencil strokes.

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This article exists in French / Cet article existe en français.

Checking a sundial’s accuracy in Blender

Lately I’ve been involved in updating and maintaining some official add-ons in Blender. One of them is Sun Position, by Michael Martin. This add-on is extremely useful for architects, and more generally anyone interested in getting fairly accurate Sun lighting for a specific time and place on Earth. In this article I’ll show how I could use it to simulate a sundial in Blender and check that it gave the correct time.

Execute Python Script from Photoshop

In this post we explore two ways to run a python script from Photoshop providing arguments (like the Photoshop file name). Those simple scripts helped us create complex behaviours to process results of Photoshop scripts for the Set department of the feature film Dilili in Paris or in our recent project for the Lodève Museum. The background artists could work in Photoshop and start those procedures without exciting software. Using such scripts to push previews to the production manager software, moving files, starting a blender playblast to get a preview of the updated scene, etc. Saving a lot of time.