Cut It out: our talk at the #bcon17

We attended the 15th Blender Conference and it was a blast! Every year we gather so much energy and ideas during those 4 days. Kudos to the organizers for this hard work. And this year we were invited to present part of our work on the feature film Dilili in Paris.

Damien took 20 minutes to present the solutions we had to develop to handle this 90 minutes feature film. And more particularly, the creation of the 500 characters needed to populate the early 19th century Paris. Those characters were built using an old cut-out technique, like flat paper puppets but in a digital process. For more explanations, we’ll let you watch the talk, for which we were kindly authorized to show the very first shots of the movie, which is yet to be released in October 2018.

We will go back more in detail on the processes and other solutions we deployed in upcoming posts. Stay tuned!

Cut It out: our talk at the #bcon17

3 thoughts on “Cut It out: our talk at the #bcon17

    1. Damien Picard says:

      Hi Luciano,
      the current maintainer for Rigify is Lucio Rossi, and work is ongoing to add the possibility to install external feature sets, so that anyone can more easily share and install custom rigs.
      Lucio and Alexander Gavrilov are also working to refactor Rigify to make it more manageable and extensible, but there is no release date as far as I know.
      I don’t think the cutout stuff will ever be merged into Blender, because the workflow is very peculiar, but this external feature set capability makes it easier to distribute.

      About the IK back, I’m afraid my rigging skills aren’t good enough to help you! I believe that Lucio worked on the Rigify spine as well, but I don’t know its status.

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